11.25: productivity FAIL

lace + sock
sunday supper
So I was supposed to work today (and in fact worked a good chunk of yesterday and some Friday) but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’ve already resigned myself to at least a few late nights at the office this week. *sigh* Instead, I overslept, binged on Thanksgiving leftovers, stocked up on some new yarn from my LYS (20% off!), knit another section of my LaReine shawl, watched an embarrassing amount of television, and then cooked myself a nice, late dinner because I was tired of Thanksgiving leftovers. All of this felt completely necessary but I’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed by the work week ahead.


One response to “11.25: productivity FAIL

  1. Who cares. You made yummy delicious food to feed your soul. I got nothing accomplished last week. All my designed ideas ended up in failures. DH got a day off on Friday and I was hoping to get so much accomplished while he had days off for the holiday. My body has decided to protest from all the late nights and hard work. Fri, Sat, and Sun, I fell asleep every night with my knitting in hand and on top of all my notes, yarns and books. I am sure I looked pretty funny when he walked into the bedroom at night.

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