11.28: rumples

At last! A finished object! My LaReine is finally finished and ready for blocking. I’m super excited! So much so that I contemplated playing hooky from work so I could stay home and block. (Alas, I was good and responsible and came into work.) This is actually my favorite part of knitting lace–the transformation of wrinkly, rumply knitting into wonderfully loose drapey lace. This pattern was an absolute joy to knit and I’d highly recommend it. (The pattern is by my talented friend Angela and she is putting out tons of other great designs as well right now. Be sure to check them all out! I have my eyes on the Koyou Shawl next.) The yarn (Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine) is impossible to photograph. The color is a rich burgundy color, a little red, a little purple, a little brown. I think this will be a Christmas gift for my mom. I hope she likes it. I don’t normally repeat patterns but I’ve already purchased some yarn to make for one for myself.


3 responses to “11.28: rumples

  1. Wow, you are fast! I can’t wait to see the shawl in all it’s glory. It’s weird, but I also love the blocking part of the shawl. It totally transforms it.

    I am so glad you like the shawl so much that you are knitting it again. You got some pretty yummy looking yarns! I have knit it 3 times now and it gets faster and faster. My sister’s friend has commissioned me to knit her one, so it will be #4 soon.

    Btw, Kouyou is super fast because it’s knit in sport or worsted. Btw, check your Ravelry inbox. 😉

    • Thanks! Can’t wait to try the Kouyou! Hopefully I”ll get this all blocked out tonight. I can’t wait to see how it blooms. I’m going to knit my next LaReine with some Shalimar yarn in black truffle.

  2. oh, wow! it is BEAUTIFUL!!

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