sunday morning
new ornaments
stash enhancement
chop chop chop
I had a near perfect weekend, filled with good food, warmth, and beauty. I cut into a gorgeous pile of fabrics to kick off a project that’s been festering in my brain since September. I spent a lot of time knitting, bundled up on the couch under handmade quilts while watching the first snowfall of the season and a marathon of Harry Potter movies. I baked a batch of Smitten Kitchen’s pop tarts, filled with nutella. Finally, I decided not to be a total grinch this year (been struggling to get into the holiday spirit) and dug out the Christmas tree and decorations. I’m really glad I did. It’s amazing how that little tree makes the whole apartment seem more festive.

How did you spend your weekend? I hope it was just as nice as mine!


One response to “rejuvenation

  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I am grinchy, too and don’t want to put up a Christmas tree. We always go back to Boston so I am feeling unmotivated. But my sister invited us for a tree-trimming get together this weekend so that should be fun. Melody will love it.

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