hanging out
jingle bells
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Last Friday on the way to meeting some friends, I wandered over to the Christkindlmarket in the Daley Center Plaza and took a zillion pictures. (These are just a few.) I somehow have managed to miss this my first two winters in Chicago but am so glad I got over there this year. Surrounded by the lights, decorations, and cavalcade of Christmas ornaments and trinkets, it was hard not to get into the holiday spirit. I’ll definitely be back over there at least once more before Christmas, if for no other reason than I’d like this time to get myself a nice wiener schnitzel sandwich.


5 responses to “ornamental

  1. Very nice shots, great job.

  2. Yes, the place is great! And, I think they have some potato pancakes that are really good.

  3. Omg, that looks amazing! If that place doesn’t put some holiday cheer into someone, don’t know what else could. I can’t believe the small pickle ornaments. I heard it’s a tradition some where.

  4. Oh, wow! Beautiful!! I’m feeling less Scrooge-y already. 😀

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