giddy as a school girl
This weekend I found some serious sewing mojo, the right fabrics, the right project, and got cracking. I finished a quilt top and back on Saturday (never done that before!!) and put the binding together on Sunday. It’s a small lap quilt (about 41″x41″) but everything about it makes me immensely happy. Best of all, other than the solids, everything else came from my stash! Some of the fabrics I’ve been stashing a good long while so it feels really good to put some much cherished fabrics to use! This is just a sneak peak but I’m hoping to get it pinned tonight and perhaps even start the quilting. I can’t wait to show you the finished quilt soon. It was hard dragging myself into the office today because I would much, much rather be home quilting! Especially on a day as cold as today. (Today’s high is 14 degrees F, pre-windchill. Brrrr!!!)


2 responses to “convergence

  1. Wow I think between this and the pillowcases you have me beat on productivity for the last 6 months! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt. The doxie fabric is too cute.

  2. Great fabric choices. Can’t wait to see the whole quilt when it’s done. My sewing machine is not coming out of hibernation anytime soon.

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