the fryalator arts

cut out and ready to go
Many of you know that I have a tendency to get food ideas stuck in my head. Then those ideas sit and stew and fester and rattle around in my brain until I finally break down and act on them. The idea of frying doughnuts at home has plagued me for six months. In the summer months I could make the excuse about the weather. In a tiny, sweltering apartment, how could I justify throwing a big pot of oil on the stove? This weekend, however, with the temps quickly dropping, the wind howling loudly, and the snow piling up outside, the idea of homemade doughnuts definitely appealed to me. I set my sights on the Farm Stand Buttermilk Doughnuts, from the new Baked Explorations book, and never looked back. (This is now my new favorite go-to baking book.)

Frying can be a bit tricky but these doughnuts came together surprisingly quickly. The dough doesn’t even require a mixer! I will probably tinker with the recipe some before sharing it here but for a first-go they were most excellent. In my mind, few things top a warm, freshly fried doughnut. I went with the chocolate glaze on the doughnuts and rolled the doughnut holes in cinnamon sugar. I have a Christmas cookie exchange to attend this weekend and am thinking about frying up another batch of these for the party. Although technically not a cookie, I suspect they will be a big crowd pleaser. (I brought the leftover doughnuts to the office and there wasn’t a single crumb left by the end of the day.)

One response to “the fryalator arts

  1. Oh doughnuts, how I love thee. I bought myself a doughnut cutter last year but haven’t tried it yet. There is a doughnut shop that just opened in my neighborhood called Dough. It is so good. So far I have tried: Chipotle Chocolate, Dulche de Leche, Glazed, Cafe au lait, and Hibiscus. Um yeah, I have been stopping by too frequently. But freshly fried doughnuts are too good!

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