part deux

hanging around
the crab whisperer
into the fire
court bouillon
crab army
The Christmas day followup to Oyster Fest 2010, was Crab Fest 2010. As we did last year, my family and I went over to a local Asian market on Christmas day and picked up a large garbage sack of Dungeness crabs. This bounty set us back a mere $23 and some change. (Boy do I love the availability of fresh seafood in Washington.) We each got one giant crab and gorged ourselves silly. It’s not the most traditional Christmas dinner but I could happily make this a tradition.


2 responses to “part deux

  1. There’s something about my meal staring back at me that makes me suddenly lose interest in eating it. 😉 Glad you enjoyed the feast though!

  2. This looked and sounded delicious! And what a great price. Envious.

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