innocent crush

1.52: innocent crush
round and round
2011 has already gotten off to a stressful, hectic start but I’m trying not to let that dampen my enthusiasm for the year ahead. I feel like 2011 is going to be a big year (or at the very least, a good one). I wanted some way of documenting it (beyond just what I share and write here) so I decided a new photography project (52 weeks) was in order. It seems fitting then that I’m kicking off this project swathed in the first finished object of the year, an Anna Maria Horner Figure 8 Scarf in Innocent Crush, Bright Outlook. The project pack was part of my fabric last supper before committing to StashPact11. The pattern itself is extremely simple but I found the fabric challenging to work with. Voile is very slippery and stretchy. Velveteen is not. Getting the two to play nicely together was a bit of a challenge. My advice to those who are looking to try? Pins. Use LOTS of pins. I am a lazy, lazy sewer and don’t pin unless it’s absolutely necessary. Trust me when I say this. Pin, pin, pin with this stuff!

Challenging fabric wrangling aside, I loved the way this project turned out and I’m glad to have added this to my large arsenal of scarves. Now time to scope out the stash to see if I have any other fabrics that will be good for this!!


6 responses to “innocent crush

  1. i looooove that scarf and have been debating about buying one of those fabric packs since she released them! *sigh* i’ve joined stashpact too and am trying to be good. i’m not going to prevent myself from buying ANYTHING, but am really, really trying to keep the purchasing to a minimum.

    here’s to a great new year!

  2. LOVE the scarf! I’m actually going to a quilt show next week so at the very least I’ll keep my stash resolution until then! I think the voile you used is my favorite print of the line.

  3. Great scarf! A wonderful start for the new year. The 52 weeks photo project sounds very doable. The 365 days has always overwhelmed just by the thought of it.

  4. The scarf turned out beautifully!

  5. soooooooooo PRETTY!!!

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