garment school (weeks 2 & 3)

I haven’t written much about the past few weeks of garment school. I assure you it’s not for lack of interest. It’s just that I’ve barely had time to go to class (working every weekend), let alone process all that I’ve been learning. Our assignment the last few weeks has been to full copy an existing, finished garment using various tracing techniques. I picked what I thought was a relatively straightforward cowl neck top. Turns out tracing a silky, drapey garment is really hard!

First, we traced the garment to brown paper. Second, we traced around the brown paper onto muslin. Then we added seam allowances directly to the muslin. Finally, cutting and sewing. No pic of the muslin because, well, it didn’t fit. In the past I’ve been WAY too lazy to make a muslin. (Go fig then that I’ve had such bad luck with garments in the past!) I may have been converted though. I’m SO GLAD I made one for this assignment because I was way off in some areas. I talked to my instructor about the fit issues and re-drafted the pattern. I’m not doing a second muslin and hoping that our adjustments have addressed the fit issues. This means I’ve been too anxious to cut into my final fabric.

We did a few zipper demos in class today as well (lapped and invisible), which was timely as my copied garment also requires an invisible zipper. Since I spent much of class redrafting my pattern, I’ll have to find time to attempt a finished garment with my final fabric. Hopefully it fits! Next week we’re working on making a block/sloper!


One response to “garment school (weeks 2 & 3)

  1. Can’t wait to see the cowl!

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