4.52: at last
how i left things
I have been thinking a lot about self preservation lately, about all the ways that one must hold on tightly to one’s sense of self even while everything else seems to be going absolutely haywire. These days I find myself attracted to color and warmth. Not surprising then that the construction of this simple flannel quilt has overtaken my mind and eaten up every moment of free time. I can’t wait to finish it!

Current dilemmas: wool or cotton batting? (A little worried about shrinkage issues since I didn’t pre-wash my flannels.) What color thread to use for quilting? I usually use a white or off white cotton thread for all my quilting but I’m not sure how that will look against the olive green solid flannel I’m using for the backing? Thinking perhaps of a light brown/tan thread instead? If anyone has any thoughts/suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!


5 responses to “process

  1. two layers of flannel + wool batting = a hot hot hot quilt. which may be totally fine and exactly what you want, but that would be what I’d use as my primary deciding factor.

    I would go for a darker thread. Even an olive green that matched or was complementary to the back would look great against all the colors in that top. Remember when pondering thread you are supposed to pull out just one strand and lay that across a few blocks / it’s not how it looks on the spool vs your quilt top / there won’t be that much of it altogether in one place on the quilt.

  2. After washing you will hardly see the thread on the back: the flannel tends to eat it up. A darker bobbin thread would enhance the shadow effect of the quilting on the back, but I doubt the color will make a strong impression.

    As for the batting, I wish my quilt with a double layer of flannel backing and warm & natural batting were warmer. Next time: wool.

  3. I have absolutely no advice for you, as I just finished my first quilt 😉 Just want to say I LOVE the quilt top! So cozy looking (and I’m sure it feels even cozier). As for quilt thread color, a warmish tone that blends with the olive green might be nice, like a khaki? Although in reading other comments I’m not so sure it makes sense. Anyway, I feel more cheerful just looking at it 😉

  4. That is going to be one cozy quilt!

  5. Wooow! So pretty!!

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