i need an escape

in search of simplicity
I’m still feeling woefully behind on everything and not even a weekend mostly to myself seems to have put me at ease. I think there are simply too many balls in the air, too many things to juggle. It seems counter-intuitive then, in the midst of all this uncertainty, that I’d start a new project but I needed something small, simple, manageable, and using some of my favorite fabrics. It’s almost done now, just in need of some binding, and a good run through the wash to give it that nice crinkly, quilty effect.  The more complicated projects are going to have to wait until I’ve caught my breath.

And not to resort to another list, but lists are the only way to keep all my thoughts straight these days. Some things I’m digging this Monday:

  • The promo video for the upcoming Milk Toof book (I can’t help but smile every time I see this video)
  • Damien Jurado’s Tiny Desk Concert for NPR
  • Fair isle knitting (Trying to overcome my fear of fair isle knitting, I got some expert help from Lauren as I started a pair of her awesome Macro Mitts)
  • This amazing photo (love the sunbeams filtering through the trees)

2 responses to “i need an escape

  1. I love the gray fabric squares paired with the prints.

  2. that damien jurado concert is so so lovely. he’s a favorite.

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