a moment, a love

it makes me smile
rug back
block invisible
So happy it’s Friday! I’ve spent much of this week not feeling great so it’s nice to think I’ll have a few days off to rest up and hopefully feel better.  Still, I managed to make some progress on projects.  I finished a patchwork rug for my kitchen, roughly 2′ x 3′ using squares of Robert Kaufman Quilter’s Linen in charcoal (my new favorite solid) and some cherished scraps from my stash and the stashes of some generous friends.  I used two layers of cotton batting to make it nice and squishy and backed it with some grey IKEA fabric from the stash.  This was an extremely satisfying, stash-busting project.  And speaking of stash-busting projects, I also got started on a skirt using some more IKEA fabric from the stash using a pattern I drafted for garment school.

Some things I’m really looking forward to this weekend:

  • spending some quality time in the kitchen, standing on my new patchwork kitchen rug
  • reading up on jam making (just got the Blue Chair Jam Cookbook) and trying to overcome my fear of marmalade (my first batch earlier this week was a disaster!!)
  • finishing a few garment school projects
  • starting this book
  • dinner tonight at the Purple Pig with my friend Anna (been too long since we’ve caught up!)
  • watching this movie (I’m totally in love with all things Colin Firth)

Hope you have some things to look forward to this weekend.  Happy Friday friends!

5 responses to “a moment, a love

  1. Hopping through the bullets:
    I love the rug & the ikea skirt fabric. I’ve added a patchwork rug to my to-do list.
    Hamish & I made a huge batch of meyer lemon marmalade a couple weeks ago. I think the meyers are more forgiving than other citrus because you can use the pith without overwhelming bitterness.
    And ah, the movie he should have won the oscar for!

  2. I’ve been wanting that Blue Chair Jam book. Not that I would actually put it to use. But for the photography.

  3. Oh, I love that rug — much too pretty to be on the floor!

  4. oh. my. GOOD.NESS!!! rug is soooo cute!!!

  5. What a beautiful rug to stand on! Great job… you have inspired me to make one too!

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