beauty all around

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The thing I love most about photography is how sometimes, if you’re lucky (or more often, if you’re talented), you’re not only able to capture a person, a thing, a place, but also how you’re able to capture a memory, a mood, a moment in time. This was a photo I took during a memorable dinner several months ago at Spinasse with my brother and his friend. It reminds me what I loved most about the place–it’s warmth, the bustling kitchen, the feeling that you’ve been invited into someone’s house to eat something very special. I know that a lot of people don’t see the world this way, finding beauty in the mundane, the everyday. That for many people, photos are hastily taken, grainy, poorly lit snapshots of crowded parties, tourist traps, etc. (Facebook photo albums in particular make me want to poke my eyes out.)

All this to say that I feel grateful to have found a community of people online who bring out the beauty lurking in the small corners, the everyday activities of their lives. Sometimes I feel like you know me and understand me better than my friends “in real life”, crazy as that may sound. (Excuse this sentimental rant but I’ve had a trying, challenging week of “real life” friends really letting me down.) Thank you for sharing and for taking an interest in my little patch of the internets. Happy Friday! I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead.


5 responses to “beauty all around

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with so much you have said in this post and enjoy seeing this little patch of your life!

  2. Amen to that.

  3. i have loved getting to know you on the internets and am looking forward to a real life meeting of minds and appetites in the very near future! 😉

  4. xoxo, we will get together sooon again my friend!

  5. Agree! The point-and-shoot I ordered just arrived. Nothing fancy but I’m looking forward to photographing things again. –karen

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