Lately I’ve been having trouble finding balance in my weekends. (I guess the same holds true for everything else in my life too.) Usually a particular project or obsession takes hold and crowds everything out. I exit my weekend feeling a bit cheated and more stuff gets pushed down on the to-do list. This weekend, however, I finally managed to squeeze a little bit of everything good in. I love it when that happens.

Beautiful flowers and sunshine, check.

fresh baked
Big weekend baking project, check. (The cinnamon raisin variation of the Reinhart bagels I made a few weeks ago.) Also resulted in delicious, relaxing weekend breakfast. (The bagels were for Sunday morning. Saturday morning, I made these waffles again.)

sunshine on a cloudy day
Weekend sewing, check. I made the Everything In One Place Zip Pouch from Modern Log Cabin Quilting. Projects like this make me extremely glad that I save up every last bit of cherished fabric scraps. Looking at this makes me really happy.

I also found time to sew a dress I started cutting out weeks ago (this is deserving of its own separate post though), watch The Social Network and some college basketball, and go spice hunting out in the ‘burbs (my quarterly trip to Penzeys).

I did not, however, do my taxes. I suppose you gotta leave something on the to-do list, right? 🙂


4 responses to “balanced

  1. agh, I have yet to do my taxes as well. I would so much rather knit all the things than do stupid taxes.

  2. What an awesome pouch, So cute! And the food looks delicious.

  3. i know that feeling very well, the trying to find the balance. it looks like you nailed it on this weekend! so many good things. and i love that pouch! i think i’m going to need to pick that book up.

  4. The pouch looks great! I still have not done my taxes… and Chris will have us filing for an extension. Things are a little tricky when there are two people making decisions!

    I am also buying this book. I’ve been on the fence for weeks now and thanks to you I’m going to buy it! Also Super Natural Every Day and probably Super Natural Cooking. I seem to be weak to book recommendations on your blog.

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