passport dress
12.52: these boots were made for walking
This is the dress that almost didn’t happen, the one that almost went out the window. And that would be nothing new around here. It would be in good company in the graveyard of unfinished, abandoned projects. But this is also the dress that’s grown on me, the one that reassures me that I can make perfectly wearable garments. One big thing I’ve learned this year is to never attempt to sew a garment, no matter how simple, in a day. I just don’t have the patience or fortitude for it. The point at which I start to despair of ever finishing, usually around the time of putting in a zipper, buttonhole or armhole facing, is the point at which I should just step away from the project. Revisit it after a good night’s rest and a strong cup of coffee. Then, after the dress is finished and I am lamenting that it doesn’t quit fit right, I should wait a few more days and remind myself that “duh, this is why people make muslins.” Indeed, a few night’s rest and several cups of coffee later, I find that I like this dress much better.


Pattern: Simplicity 2209, Lisette Passport Dress, View B
Fabric: Kona Cotton (bodice), Anna Maria Horner Good Folks (skirt)
Price: app. $20 for pattern, fabric, and notions
Time: app. 2 days (1 night to cut, 1 full afternoon of sewing, 1 morning to finish seams, install zipper)
Mods: None really. I had to fudge the zipper a little bit. I cut out Size 12 for the bottom before realizing that it would be too small for my waist (I was going mostly off of the finished bust measurements). I cut out Size 14 for the bodice and ended up easing in the differential between the top and the bottom. (The 5/8″ seam allowance allowed for a little wiggle room.)
Cons: The dart placement on dress is a little funky. I think this dress (as with most dresses from commercial patterns) was intended for someone with a much curvier figure. I can’t tell if it relates to the dart placement or what but I have a lot of fabric that bunches up in the back between my shoulder blades. Still, with a cardigan, it looks fine and is comfortable. I’m not sure I would make this again (at least not without some significant modifications to the bodice) but I think this will still get a decent amount of wear.

9 responses to “passport

  1. SUPER Cute! i really want to snag one or two of her patterns, but am forcing myself to use the ones i have first :). and i love the fabric choices, too. so pretty!

  2. oh, that’s pretty! nice to hear that the zipper wasn’t a nightmare to put in. congrats!

  3. RhymesWithFORK

    Well done. You are uber talented!!!

  4. look at YOU! That’s totally awesome! i aspire to one day be able to sew clothing. Or, you know, anything else. 🙂

  5. I have this pattern too, and a whack of muslin. Since my shoulders and hips are 2 sizes apart, I need to learn to make my own dresses. I might have to talk to you about this one …

  6. love your dress!!!

  7. wow – great job! i bet it would look cute with a belt too!

  8. Is it not bad enough that you make me have a Pavlovian response every time you post about your food, but that I am now getting sucked into drooling over your sewing projects too?!

  9. Wow, good job for finishing the dress. It’s amazing how different it looks on you than flat!

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