a glutton for punishment

the bNG burger from bopNgrill in Evanston

Alas, still no cooking/crafting/creative endeavors to report of. I think summer is partly to blame because after months of being cooped up indoors, the last thing I want to do come summer is sit inside my house. Truth be told though, that’s not entirely the explanation; the weather thus far as been pretty awful. Life right now is just crazy. Mostly good crazy, but crazy nonetheless. There are a lot of big changes here (all to be discussed here too in good time, although several of you probably already know what I’m getting at) and a lot of possible big changes still in the works. I had predicted 2011 would be really different and I guess I was right!

This weekend my sister is coming to town. The visit is last minute and unexpected. I’m SO excited to see her! I’m racking my brain trying to figure out where we’re going to go and what we’re going to eat. Good thing I started my gym membership back up again!

Happy Friday!

2 responses to “a glutton for punishment

  1. Ooh, I think I know what the “good craziness” is about (hee hee!), can’t wait to hear what the upcoming big changes are! So glad that 2011 is looking up for ya 😉

  2. Have fun with your sister!! Sounds awesome she’s coming to visit.

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