the aviary

bloody mary
What is happening to this summer? Has it already been nearly two months since my memorable dinner at Next? Time just keeps slipping away. Lauren’s photos made me realize I’d never told you where went after that dinner…The Aviary. It’s the cocktail bar next door, although as with most things Achatz, it’s not really like any cocktail bar you’ve ever been to before.

We only had time and energy to sample one drink–a heady mixture of ginger, peychaud’s, shiso, fingerlime, and vodka–and the bloody mary amuse bouche that we got to start. I snapped a photo of the drink before they added the liquid in. Once the liquid is added, you get a cleverly cut bit of lemongrass (you can see it here) to swizzle it all together. I’m hoping to get back there to try out more of the menu. Hopefully soon….

And speaking of Achatz and Next, after much drama and crashing of browsers and servers, I actually managed to get a ticket to the next menu at Next (second week of September). It’s all about Thai food and I couldn’t be more excited!


5 responses to “the aviary

  1. A friend of mine started a pop-up restaurant:
    It’s in the Hank’s Haute Dog restaurant. The owner of Hank’s used to run this place called Trio in Evanston, Ill., where Aschatz got his start: So I almost sort of kind of ate at Next. Ha. But seriously, I thought you’d get a kick out of this.

  2. you got A ticket to next. 😦

    • well i tried really hard but i couldn’t land a table for myself. when my friend found out i didn’t have a table, she offered me a seat at hers. it was pure pandemonium that day trying to get a ticket. over 8,000 users were logged in to buy 2,000 tables. the browser kept crashing. it was a total nightmare.

  3. no worries, chica. i’m sure one of these days, it’ll happen. 🙂

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