done good

happy birthday N!
seafood paella
roasted corn
This weekend was not particularly relaxing. (Although, not to look a gift horse in the mouth…when you haven’t had a single day off in weeks, 48 hours feels like a god-send.) On the other hand, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking up a storm and I could feel myself returning. I explained to someone recently that I feel most myself when I’m cooking, that I feel divorced from who I am when I have to spend weeks away from the kitchen.

So this weekend, I found myself in a dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. A jar of quick dill pickles. A steaming pan of seafood paella. A crackly loaf of sea salt foccacia. Several ears of roasted corn with chili lime butter. A warm pan of blueberry white peach cobbler. I withered under the heat. I slept too little and when I did sleep, it was fitful and laden with strange and crazy dreams. I ran too many errands; I planned too ambitiously for the meager 48 hours of freedom. But a birthday was celebrated. Much food (too much food perhaps) was consumed. And I felt more like myself than I had in a good long while.


2 responses to “done good

  1. Everything looks so, so good! Glad you got to spend time in the kitchen. Hope you have another 48 hours to yourself soon!

  2. you did good. i hope a little of that good energy of food and cooking and relaxation and weekend-ness is still with you, sustaining you through these crazy travel/working days. thinking of you! xo

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