circadian rhythms

I fear that I may never tell you about my amazing west coast vacation (now a distant memory) or blog about all the crazy meals I’ve had in 2011. It’s amazing how much one’s life can change in just a few weeks and I find myself still reeling from everything that transpired this summer. The changes gave way to much sadness and angst and then exhaustion. All my creative urges were crushed. It’s taken me a while to return to my familiar rhythms–cooking, baking, crafting. Finally, weeks after the rubble has settled, I have started feel a little bit like my old self. Knitting was what brought me back, what brought me out of my creative malaise. And I laugh because I think of how I came to knitting nearly eight years ago–teaching myself using a Knitting for Dummies book in the aftermath of the breakup of my first serious relationship. How funny that I find myself returning to the old and familiar over and over again.

Speaking of familiar, if you think you’ve seen this finished object before it’s because I’ve knitted this before. The last one was a Christmas gift for my mother. This one I knit for myself using Shalimar Zoe Sock Yarn in the aptly named black truffle. It blocked beautifully and I’m looking forward to putting it to good use as the temps drop. I rarely repeat a pattern but I loved the first one so much I couldn’t help but knit one for myself. (Hat tip to my talented friend Angela for putting together such a gorgeous, easy to follow pattern.)

I’ve made a concerted effort to go through old unfinished projects and either finish them or ax them. This one felt great to finish.


3 responses to “circadian rhythms

  1. It is absolutely stunning in that color! I am impressed that you knit the pattern twice. Thank you.

  2. Sara this is GORGEOUS. Between you and Angela I might start knitting again!

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