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you know how i feel about doughnuts
Doughnuts are the new cupcakes and you might say that I’ve been bitten by the bug rather badly. Ever since the Doughnut Vault opened its doors here back in September, I’ve not only consumed more doughnuts than are good for me, but I’ve also gotten very interested in making some of my own. When I was in NYC a few weeks ago, I, of course, visited the Doughnut Plant to try some of their legendary doughnuts (I got a peanut butter and jelly, a tres leches, and a carrot cake, all delicious!) and to see how it compared to Chicago’s doughnut scene. (All in the name of research!) After I got back, I bought a doughnut pan (this one, in case you’re curious) and have been testing out recipes. The pictured doughnut above was Shutterbean’s banana doughnuts with peanut butter frosting. More banana bread than doughnut but still pretty tasty. This weekend, I tried out King Arthur’s baked doughnut with Alton Brown’s chocolate glaze. A good looking doughnut but still not quite what I’d hoped for. (Not as tender as I’d like and the glaze was a bit thicker/harder to work with than I would’ve liked.) Back to the drawing board to experiment some more I guess.

Completely unrelated….
I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to use this space going forward. My current schedule doesn’t really allow for much blogging and I don’t see that changing much any time soon. I like the idea of having a written record of my various adventures and interests. I’m just feeling a bit of social media fatigue at the moment. (I should probably scale back on Twitter and Facebook too.) Think think think….

One response to “O * O * O

  1. They look amazing. I was worried that the banana one would end up being more like banana bread shaped like a donut. I want a donut! Let me know when you hit upon the right recipe. I have 4 pans waiting, plus a donut cutter.

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