partners in crime
now that is one helluva breakfast
there can only be one
This poor space has been so neglected. Forgive me. I’ve been working. And traveling. And eating. A lot. And probably not sleeping enough. 2012, while not without its moments, has been thankfully, mercifully kind to me. (Although truth be told, almost anything could beat 2011 <—hell year that it was.)

Last weekend, I was in Salt Lake City, Utah to visit dear, old friends, to eat fabulously, extremely over the top meals (one of the perks of visiting a food writer friend), and to get away from the dreadfully flat landscapes of the Midwest.  I may be the only person who goes all the way out to Utah only to spend none of that time skiing, but you know when it comes to travel, food is always first for me.

Here’s how I spent 72 hours in SLC (and how I think you should spend it too, should you ever be out that way):

And I think I just gained 5 pounds reviewing this list.  So far 2012 is shaping up to be a fabulous year for food and travel.  Last month it was in NYC and this month SLC.  In June I’ll be headed to Philly for a wedding, but the best part of all?  In May, I’ll be GOING TO ICELAND.  <—That’s right!  ICELAND!  Booked it last week and finalizing all the little details this week.  Even though it’s three months away, I could NOT be more excited!!!  This has been on my list of places to go for at least five years now and it feels like a dream come true that I’ll finally be able to make it happen this year.  EEEP!!!

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