playing catch up

Back when I was really stressed about the bar exam and down in the dumps, John of Quilt Dad fame was kind enough to ask me to join Sew Connected 3. I’ve never done an online quilting bee before but I’m so glad I decided to join one! It’s so fun getting someone else’s fabrics and dreaming up a fun block for them. I was starting to get really nervous though. The fabrics were coming from other countries (Thailand and Australia) and had been mailed weeks ago but I had not received them…until this week! Phew.

Sew Connected 3 block for sew-do-I
This is my first block for sew-do-I. This is woven ribbon block. I love the colors of this block. We’re only required to do a single block but I have a fair bit of fabric left and am thinking about making a second one.

Sew Connected 3 block for rocklilly
Here’s my second block for rocklilly. I love the pairing of Heather Ross’ Mendocino line with some lovely puckery Japanese fabrics.

These two blocks are the big bright spots of my weekend as I have waaaaaaaaay too many neglected errands to tend to. (Laundry, taxes, cleaning….*sigh*)


4 responses to “playing catch up

  1. Love them! Makes me realize how much I need to do something creative….

  2. Ivy@PaperElixir

    No idea what a quilting bee is, but great job! The fabrics are all so pretty, makes me wish spring will be here soon!

  3. beautiful!

  4. your blocks are so pretty
    i especially love the second one for rocklily. those japanese prints look fab with the hr
    john is a sweetie, isnt he??

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