it’s not easy being green

Remember what I said about having a cramped work space and not taking on any big projects? Ok, I lied. Well, to be more precise, I was completely taken with Blair’s version of a Built by Wendy jacket pattern (Simplicity 4109). You see, I’ve been itching to get a new fall coat. There was no such need for one in Minnesota since autumns there were colder than most winters here. But here in the Northwest, it seems that a brisk autumn slowly melts into a mild winter. I have countless fleeces, which are nice for everyday wear but I also wanted something a little more proper (and yet, not too dressy). This was just the ticket:
WIP (jacket sans sleeves)

Use your imagination and pretend there are sleeves on this thing! By now you should know that I *hate, hate, hate!* moving. Also add to that list of things that make me unhappy: 1) looking for a job (more on this some other time) and 2) putting in sleeves. Putting in sleeves has always frustrated the hell out of me. Whether it’s in sewn clothing or knits, I can never seem to get it right. It’s honestly what kept me from sewing clothes in the first place and what basically stopped my knitting. I have a small pile of sweaters with sleeves that were never seemed in. Grrr….

I’ve been a bit grumpy lately…I’ve finally beat my cold and am getting some energy back. (Thanks for all the well wishes!) However, I’m a person who generally craves structure and sitting around looking for work (as far as I can tell) lends no structure to my days. I have a vague notion of what month it is but I’d be at a loss to tell you what day (of the week or the month) or even the time of day (ahhh the joys of basement living). Must get out more or I will go nuts….

I am going nuts….


6 responses to “it’s not easy being green

  1. Haha, I saw this on flickr before I saw your post and thought “Now how is THAT a small project?” It looks great, and I love Blair’s jacket too. I don’t think I’ve done enough sleeves to hate it too much, but I really dislike hemming things. I have a dress that is almost finished except for the hem…

  2. Wow, a jacket! That is a big project. Nice green.

  3. VERY nice! I have that pattern, too, and it’s getting kind of chilly out, so maybe I should make one …

  4. I am really impressed by your clothes-sewing prowess. But I think I said that already. :o)

  5. dude. i am so in love with that jacket but it is way beyond my sewing abilities. so you should probably make mine when you finish making yours!!! 🙂

    i LOVE the color you chose too.

  6. Your green rocks, I love it! Very very nice. Love those pockets. I am still too chicken to try to make clothes…

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